Which Planet in Our Solar System Are You?

Eight planets. Eight beautiful planets exist within our Solar System, located within the vast Milky Way galaxy. Each of these planets boasts its own wonders, whether it be Neptune’s deep blue color, Jupiter’s Great Red spot, Saturn’s astounding rings or Earth’s abundant life. Throughout history, mankind has assigned these planets names and granted them defining characteristics. So if we line these characteristics up with a personality test – which is exactly what we’ve done – what will the results show? Which planet in our Solar System would you be? Time to find out!
Jupiter has the largest ocean of any planet in the solar system! Though it bears no similarity to the oceans we’re familiar with as it’s actually made of metallic hydrogen. Located five times farther from the sun than Earth (where it’s bloody freezing), the planet retained far higher amounts of helium and hydrogen than our little planet. Because of how cold it is in this part of space, the helium actually liquifies following the intense pressures exerted by the planet, creating a massive and dangerous ocean. The ocean on Jupiter is about 25,000 miles deep, roughly as deep as the Earth is round. Remarkable.
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